Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A moment of glory

From Instapundit :

IT'S LIKE AN ARMY OF DAVIDS, OR SOMETHING: Here's more on India's IIPM scandal: "Bloggers have discovered in a week more than what a mainstream reporter may have in a month. They called up IIPM’s Toronto office and found it was not an IIPM office at all. Even Chaudhuri’s educational qualifications, along with IIPM’s sister concerns are under the scanner. Bloggers also dug out a scanned page of an affidavit on submitted by Malay Chaudhuri, IIPM founder and father of Arindam, as a Lok Sabha candidate from Balasore in Orissa in 2004 claiming.he did his MSc, PhD and DSc from Berlin School of Economics from 1962-1970. They found that the institute was founded in 1971!"

That's all our work right there, bitches!

Arzan's stuff
Arzan's, Mine and Transmogrifier's stuff
Thalassa_mikra's stuff

There were other bloggers too, whose work didn't get mentioned, but kudos to them as well. And of course, India Uncut and Desi Pundit's exemplary coverage of the issue.

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