Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Why creationism needs to be taught in schools

As readers might have realized, upto now I was not so keen on the juxtaposition of creationism along with evolutionary theory in schools. In fact, I spoke against it on a number of occasions. However, P.Z Myers of Pharyngula has helped me see the light and caused me to reverse my views on the topic.

P.Z Myers, who is a professor in the Science department of the University of Minnesota, Morris says he taught creationism in his introductory biology course for undergraduates, and the way he did it, I have no problems with it at all. In fact, I am now advocating compulsory teaching of creationism in all schools, especially those in so-called Bible-belt red states where people still persist in their belief that Hurricane Katrina was God's knuckle-sandwich in New Orleans' gut. And I would go one step further. In addition, I would also urge schools to have a special biblical course about Adam and Eve and barbequed ribs and the evil apple and the horny snake and people turning into pillars of salt and frogs falling down from the sky and fuck, whatever idiotic drivel anyone wants to believe in, whatever mindless delusions anyone's ever conjured up in their religion-addled brains, I am all for discussing it in classrooms. As long as the discussion focusses on how none of that is fact-based, and has no scientific validity.

So this is what I have to say to the good folks who infest the school board of Dover, Pennsylvania. Yes, I have flip flopped. I have changed my mind. I am now all in favor of teaching creationism. So lets end all this bullshit about court cases and what-not and get on with our lives. You want to be taught creationism, so now here are the facts. Now for the sake of the Almighty Creator, shut the hell up and stop whining about your asinine views not getting equal exposure.

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