Saturday, August 06, 2005

Blog plug of the day : Life in plastic pants

I chanced upon this blog recently, while surfing "Ann Coulter tossed my salad". (that's a different story altogether). Worth a look if nothing else, just for the sheer batshit creativity in coming up with this idea.

On this blog, everyday (or every week, probably) it's a new episode in the lives of midieval toy lego soldiers complete with castle, horses and a feudal hierarchy, with everything carefully choreographed. All conversations are in midieval english (I think, I could be mistaken since I never lived in those times). Sometimes, instead of lego soldiers it may be video game characters, but the concept is the same. I whole-heartedly recommend a check out.

Update: I have been informed by the author of "Ann Coulter tossed my salad" that henceforth, his salad will no longer be exclusively tossed by Ann Coulter and so, he has relocated to merely "Tossed my salad".


Digitalicat said...

Psst! I've changed URLs. I'm now at
Be a pal and update your link?

Digitalicat said...

Thanks for the update. By the way "sheer batshit creativity" is awesome. I can never get enough unusual compliments.