Friday, August 26, 2005

Does eating Snickers make you retarded?

Today's public awareness information nugget has to do with Snickers, the makers of those funky chocolate candy bars with miraculous hunger dissipating powers attributed to their high peanut content.

Snickers has come out with a television commercial that goes like this :

A group of hunters are stalking a deer. The deer, suddenly aware that it is being stalked, looks up and spots them. The hunters immediately take out a number of snickers bars from their pockets and start throwing them at the deer. The deer, bored of the proceedings, wanders away.

Voiceover Guy, reminding the hunters : It is only satisfying when you eat it.

So after watching this ad, a question comes to one's mind. Did Snickers perform some kind of market research involving customer usage patterns and realize that most of it's customers were actually utilizing Snickers bars for purposes other than ingestion? But if they did, then it is reasonable to assume that other chocolate bar manufacturers, in order to stay competitive in the field, would also have carried out the same research. And since no manufacturer other than Snickers has ever felt the necessity for airing a customer education commercial like this, it leads to the inevitable conclusion that this propensity for using Snickers bars as projectiles and such, is a behavioral pattern peculiar to patrons of Snickers bars alone. And this, in turn leads to our final conclusion that since the only constant parameter among these good citizens is that they eat Snickers bars, it would be fair to conclude from all this analysis that consumption of Snickers bars causes brain damage and makes you retarded.

Our professional recommendation is that you switch to KitKat bars.


Michael Higgins said...

Hi Gawker
The fact that you are talking about their ad means that their ad worked. All an ad campaign wants to do is to get your attention.

gawker said...

But I'm switching to kitkat and asking others to do the same. How did it work?

Sunil said... could become a chocolate snob (like me), and never stoop below godiva. Ferro rocher is acceptable. Lindt is acceptable. Ghiradelli is ok. Snickers....nope...

gawker said...

I think snob understates it hehe. Apart from Godiva, never heard of the rest.