Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Reality show featuring on-camera sperm donation planned

Close on the heels of a reality show featuring a woman, who searches for a potential sperm donor in order to concieve a child, a new reality show is being planned where a woman will actually receive a sperm donation on camera.

"Ripe Melon Productions", a prominent reality show producing company, which has a number of mainstream shows to it's name like "Flaming Virgin Parts I, II and III", "Gobble-the-Gook" and "Bust-ahh!", plans to produce this reality show, which critics are already calling revolutionary. "No one has ever done this", said Fred Smith (not his real name), the executive producer of the future show. "We are still shopping around for networks. Fox is the obvious choice, but if we don't find someone, the show will go directly to DVD. We are sure it will be a big hit."

A Fox Networks spokesman, on being asked for comment replied, "Yes, we have received this interesting idea for a reality show. It is still in a planning stage, but prospects for this show to make it to production are above average."

On being asked what the actual structure of the show will be like, Mr Smith replied, "Well, basically it will be like a home video, albeit with better production values. See, this show is about this lady who cannot have a baby, but she is not willing to give up. It will be a narrative of how the lady goes about approaching potential sperm donors and after carefully evaluating their physical ability to donate sperm, engages in the actual act of sperm donation itself, sometimes even lending a helping hand. Or a mouth. In many cases, a vagina. See, this story has a tremendous human interest side to it. People will empathize with the woman, because many have been through this scenario."

The new reality show is expected to premiere this fall on Fox, where it will share television time along with other reality shows like "Pick Dad a Hooker" and "Necrophiles Anonymous".

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