Monday, August 15, 2005

White House hires first ever female head chef, women's organizations rejoice

President George W Bush today hired Laura Bush, who will be the first woman ever to ascend to the position of head chef in the White house, thus putting to rest any doubts in the minds of female American voters that with the increased clout of the Christian Right in the Republican party, it was gradually turning into a patriarchal, anti-feminist organization. The Republican Party, for the past few years, had built up a platform of opposing abortion, contraception and an increased role of women in society, thus disenfranchising the female American vote base, who were increasingly attracted to the more progressive ideas of the Democratic Party.

But, this new decision to put a woman in charge of the White House kitchen, might reverse this trend, said White House officials. "I fired the head chef and promoted Laura, my wife to this position", said the President in a press conference. "Starting today, she will occupy the highest position in the kitchen hierarchy and will be personally responsible for cooking for me, the twins and any White House guests that might be staying for dinner."

The National Organization for Women (NOW), has lauded the president's decision saying that this was a step in the right direction towards ensuring equal opportunities for women in the workplace. NOW issued an official statement saying "Traditional Christian culture used to look upon women merely as birthgivers and encouraged them to remain satisfied with their role in society as homemakers, cooking and cleaning for the man of the house and not venture out of their homes as professionals in the American job market. But with the president's trailblazing decision to assign the highest position in the White House culinary team to a woman, this sets a good role model for the American people".

When asked for details on the new hiring, President Bush replied "Laura has always wanted to make a difference in the world by pursuing a career of her own, and not just be the First Lady. Now she will be doing exactly that while feeding the Leader of the free world. This will also keep her busy and keep her from becoming one of them desperate housewives on television. Heh heh."

Laura Bush when asked for her reaction, replied "Well, he only likes the crab cakes I make for him, so I guess I have to cook. Of course, now I will have less time for other things like travelling and reading, but the Bible says a woman's happiness lies at the feet of her Lord and Master."

Laura Bush, ecstatic at being able to serve as head chef to the White House (courtesy CNN)

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First I thought you were kidding. But the found out that you are not... White house has lost it