Tuesday, August 30, 2005

US preparing groundwork for future invasion of Saudi Arabia by selling it weapons

The US, deploying a strategic military tactic it has used many times in the past, has commenced it's preparations for the future invasion of Saudi Arabia by selling it weapons of mass destruction (via HufPo). The sale of WMDs to the Arab-Islamic nation will now provide adequate justification for the country to be deemed a threat to America in the future. Saudi Arabia, reportedly the second largest buyer of American weapons in 2004, worth $ 2.9 billion, is now all set to be invaded in the year 2055 by George Bush III, the future grandson of George W Bush.

The president, when reached for comment replied, "Speaking from experience as one who invades countries in search of WMDs and fails to find them, I have decided to help future US presidents avoid falling into the same logistical quagmire as I did, and militarize in advance, every country we plan to attack in the future."

The president continued, "Saudi Arabia is the world's leading supplier of terrorists and a vicious dictatorship. So, it makes sense for us to sell weapons and military equipment to this country, since it is quite possible that the US might have to invade it in the near future as part of the global war on terror. It is always good to be prepared."

Further to complement this strategy, every weapon of mass destruction, before leaving US shores, will be photographed in detail, these photographs being sent to every Democratic senator, in order to preclude any future skepticism regarding Saudi WMDs.


Sujatha said...

Apparently nobody learns anything from history.

gawker said...

Well, my theory is that they are arming the Saudis so they can credibly claim that they possess WMDs once they decide to attack them. Really. I wasn't being satirical heh.

Anand said...

I'm having a good morning's laugh.

gawker said...

Anand heh Thanks.