Thursday, August 04, 2005

Deja vu all over again

From WTF is it now

August, 2001: Bush receives report Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the US while on his month-long summer vacation, continues vacatatudining.
Sept 2001: Bin Laden attacks inside US; Pentagon hit, Twin Towers destroyed, ~ 3000 dead.

August 2005: Bush receives report that Bin Laden has threatened more US attacks while on his month-long summer vacation, continues vacatatudining.
Sept 2005: ?

Ok just before the elections, I remember George increasing terror alert levels whenever Kerry started beating him up. And I wasn't scared then. Now, I am.

Meanwhile, Soundbitten (via Crooks and Liars) reports that President George "Springbreak" Bush has already spent 319 days in Crawford, Texas on vacation till now, whereas Bill Clinton, in his 8 years in office, only spent only 152 vacation days.

Update : Billmon gives a roundup of what people think about Bush's vacation.

Update2 : Think Progress has more on the similarities between that fateful time 4 years ago and now.


Hume's Ghost said...

Which reminds me of something. A while back there was a story about how Tom Ridge said that the terror alerts had been raised against his wishes on several occasions and that he didn't feel like the intelligence justified the m. This was in the news for like one day then it dissapeared, but it begs the question: why were those alerts raised?

gawker said...

Hey didnt the MSM dig up a lot of stuff and do some reporting and find out that the terror alert levels were just to scare people and Tom Ridge spoke up how the Bush thugs had threatened him and his wife with deportation to Syria and then the president got impeached and Rove was sodomized in the Gitmo showers? Sorry, nope that was just a dream I had.