Friday, August 26, 2005

Crazy ramblings of a war supporter

Raw Story (via Buzzflash) did an interview with a pro-war Bush supporter encamped at Crawford, Texas. The interview was important because it shines a spotlight on the incoherent reasoning, or just blind ideological rationale of these people. Here are some of his garbled musings :

"I'm here with a gentleman who's a survivor of 9/11, he worked on the 52nd floor when it was hit. He's here supporting the troops."

Since when did supporting the war miraculously turn into being equivalent to supporting the troops? If you supported the troops, wouldn't you, like, you know, not send them there to be killed for no reason?

"Freedom just isn't for Americans. It's Americans' responsibility as the torchbearers of freedom, [Iraqis] want it... they're happy we're there. Don't get me wrong, they have the people who don't want it."

Is that why America, throughout the years, has had a history of undermining democratically elected governments, while at the same time propping up vicious dictatorships as long as it serves her purpose? Give me a break.

Well lets see...Let me make you a list of countries you should have gone to before you went to Iraq if you really wanted to spread freedom. How about Pakistan? Saudi Arabia? Syria? Iran? Sudan? China? Do you have any knowledge of the rest of the world, old man, except what Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity feed you everyday?

Force-feeding democracy to a people is kinda like being undemocratic, you know what I'm saying? If they like democracy so much, they should work for it themselves. It's kind of like a political free market. If there is a demand for democracy, then supply will work itself out.

"Should people be persecuted and have less of an opportunity because of their race, their religion and their creed?"

Yes, and creating an Islamic nation where there used to be a secular nation is going to help.

"Have you run into protesters?"
"Some... and it's just amazing the reasons they say that we should end the war. If we pull out, every death would be in vain."

Well, the word "amazing" has different connotations for everyone, I guess. For me it is "amazing" that the reason for continuing the war is that "a lot of people have already died." So what you are saying is, since a lot of people have already died for this cause, we need to sacrifice some more. Painfully twisted argument, if you don't mind me saying that.

"We have to stabilize the government. The war is over; we defeated the Iraqi army."

There have been more coalition deaths after the Iraqi army was defeated than before. So I will leave it up to you to decide which part was / is the war.

"Another thing that I'd like to discuss with them is equal rights, racism, suffrage. Shouldn't everybody in the world have that same right? Shouldn't all women have the right to vote, and to be educated, and have their own choices?"

Newsflash : The new constitution is going to kick women's rights back to the stone age. Again, read the newspapers. Don't just get your information from Fox News.

"What are your thoughts on the justifications for the war, about WMDs?"

"We found the trail, I believe it was moved, or destroyed."

Well, make up your mind. Did you find it or not? And yes, WMDs were destroyed. After the first Gulf war.

"We found the factories, but the machines were out of there. Where did the machines go?"

If you didn't find anything how do you know there was anything there to find? That's kinda like saying "I know there is a God. The question is why he doesn't show himself to the world."

"It’s not for oil, it's not a vendetta"

How do you explain the first thing the US army did on winning Baghdad was that they allowed widespread looting throughout the city while making sure the oil ministry was heavily guarded?

" I gotta get up to Indiana before I head back to Kuwait."

Indiana? I should have guessed.


lumi said...

I'd like to point out that the US propped up the Shah's rule in Iran. He was deposed once, put back upon his throne by the US, then toppled once and for all by Ayatollah Khomeini and his fanatics. Iran didn't want our brand of democracy then, and it sure doesn't want it now. Neither does Iraq. Some people are on the ass end of the learning curve and just don't get it.

gawker said...

Yup, what I said about the US supporting dictators as long as it serves our interests. And now we go around beating the democracy drum. Smacks of pure hypocrisy. And as you said, they just don't learn from history. Or they are just blinded by ideology.

Anonymous said...

Why can't we all be just Americans ...instead of merely liberals ...or conservatives ? Democrats or Republicans ? As true Americans we should kick the butt of who ever steps out of line and starts acting silly instead of blindly towing their line just because we have bracketted ourselves in a category. This is just ideological slavery. Not democracy. - MINOTAUR