Sunday, August 21, 2005

Some self-indulgent back-patting is in order

Yesterday, after reading Billmon's post on how the Iraqi constitution is basically attuned towards creating an Islamic state in Iraq, I wrote an article claiming that Iraq had basically stolen the Iranian constitution and was passing it off as it's own. While the article was pretty much all tongue-in-cheek, imagine my surprise when today I read Billmon's follow-up post in which he says that the Iraqi constitution actually does look a lot like the Iranian one.

This is what he says :

"Juan Cole, quoting the London-based Arabic newspaper al-Hayat, reports that the constitutional negotiators in Baghdad have taken at least a half step towards the creation of an Iranian-style system of clerical rule."


Without the details it's hard to be sure, but this sounds like at least a partial copy of the Council of Guardians -- the Iranian body charged with reviewing all laws passed by the Iranian parliament, the Majlis, to make sure they are consistent with the officially approved Iranian brand of Shi'a fundamentalism.

Jesus Christ. So it actually IS a copy of the Iranian constitution. Don't look now, but I see a career in punditry approaching.

Or maybe not.

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