Monday, August 29, 2005

Fight erupts between Bush whores and Bush fanatics

Police in Crawford, Texas had to intervene yesterday to break up a fight (via C&L) between two groups, calling themselves "Whores for Bush" and "Fanatics for Bush" respectively.

The trouble started when a member of the group "Whores for Bush" (WFB), put up a sign proclaiming "How to wreck your family in 30 days by ‘bitch in the ditch' Cindy Sheehan.”, at the site of a pro-war rally by the group "Fanatics for Bush" (FFB). Cindy Sheehan is the mother of soldier Casey Sheehan, who was killed in Iraq, and is now encamped outside President George W Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, demanding to get an explanation of the real reasons behind the Iraq war.

spokesman from FFB, effeminately named Kristinn Taylor, noticed the sign and deemed it to be too offensive, even by FFB standards. He requested the member of WFB to take the sign down, saying “This is our rally and you can't do that here”. The WFB member then asserted his First Amendment right to be as big an asshole as he wanted to and refused to take it down. The FFB spokesman then requested him to make himself scarce, since he was intruding on their rally. The WFB activist, in turn aimed a kick at the FFB spokesman, and matters came to such a head that police had to be called to handcuff the miscreant and take him away.

On being asked to comment on the ideological differences between the two groups, the FFB spokesman stated,"We believe in Bush's infallibility and equivalence with the Divine Creator, but that is where we draw the line. Unlike the members of WFB, we do not believe in Bush's unilateral right to fuck us whenever, wherever and however he chooses to. That can only be carried out on terms agreed upon by mutual consensus".

In other news, President George Bush has assured Americans that he is still in constant communication with God and that God is pleased with the job he is doing.

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