Wednesday, August 24, 2005

If you want to teach 'em how to hate, start early

Amazon is selling a new childrens book (via WTF is it now) called "Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed".

Are you fucking kidding me? Way to go Katherine DeBrecht, thats really what we need right now, children training to be future Ann "SkinnyBitch" Coulters and Sean "PrettyBoy" Hannities.

Hey, I got a nice little book for all you conservative little bastards "Help!Mom! There's a cocaine-sniffing, warmongering, squinty-eyed little monkey hiding under my bed. Wait wait, it's just our president."


Hume's Ghost said...

Other (hypothetical) volumes in the series:

"Help! Mom! There Are Niggers Under My Bed".

"Help! Mom! There Are Jews Under My Bed".

"Help! Mom! There Are Spics Under My Bed".

"Help! Mom! There Are Atheists Under My Bed".

"Help! Mom! There Are Gays Under My Bed".

gawker said...

Nope sorry.. Those titles are already in print.