Wednesday, August 31, 2005

My Blog day recommendations

I have made it a habit not to celebrate all these crappy "days" like mothers day, fathers day, employee day, secretary day, teacher's day, students day, garbage collectors appreciation day (now theres one day that I would celebrate if it existed) and so on, but what the hell. Lets just do this one day. So here goes.

Wolf Walk : This is a blog of a couple who have been hiking the Pacific Crest Trail since March. The Pacific Crest Trail runs from Canada to Mexico. These guys blog everyday from the trail. I don't know how they manage it. This is actually the only good blog I found using the "Next Blog" feature in Blogger.

Canal Photos : This is a photoblog, a collection of photographs from a 4 mile stretch of the Raritan Canal Trail in New Jersey. It captures the trail in all it's moods and seasons. Since the author for some reason has decided to focus only on these particular4 miles from the around 30 miles of trail, he is able to capture extremely fine nuances of the trail, like for example, a droplet of water freezing into an ice particle. Or a leaf, just lying on the ground. The reason I like this blog a lot, apart from it's amazing photos, is because I often bike on this trail, and this trail is just so fucking beautiful.

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The Rude Pundit : This actually is a pretty mainstream blog. It belongs to a liberal polemicist who is so fucking funny it is impossible to read through his posts without guffawing uncontrollably. However, if you are easily grossed out, or feel that using 4 lettered words is against the teachings of the Buddha, then this blog probably ain't for you. But then, if that were the case you probably wouldn't be reading this blog either. His first post (The Rude Pundit manifesto) gives you a taste of what to expect from this guy.

Ann Coulter : Ok, a word of warning before you go read this blog. It contains some of the most hardcore pornographic stuff in the world. Having said that, it is also one of the finest works of penmanship I have ever experienced. It is a strange blog in that it has but one post. And it never gets updated. It is about, yeah, Ann Coulter, a right wing bitch from hell, and a fictional sexual episode between her and the author, hilariously narrated, which tries to explain why she rants against liberals as much as she does in real life. But once again, beware. It contains extremely graphic language. Here is a good review of the blog by our friend at TossedMySalad.

You know what, I am gonna go against the grain here and just post 4 recommendations. That should free me of the guilt associated with celebrating a mainstream community organized event.


arZan said...

Keep up the great work. You find a mention here

lumi said...

OK this isn't a blog, but it's funny anyways (most of the time).