Monday, August 08, 2005

Overheard at an Indian restaurant

Me and the wife, sitting in a decent Indian restaurant, belting the buffet. In walks a contingent of Indians, kind of rural in appearance and mannerism. Two of the guys go to the buffet, come back with plates laden with food.

Guy no. 1 says something to the effect that the place ain't too shabby and the food looks delicious.

Guy no. 2 : "nahi re, ye sab chamak dhamak hai, ye sirf dekhne ko accha hai" (Nah, it's all shine and glitter, the food only looks good)

Later on, Guy no.1 again returns to the buffet and comes back with a refill. Guy no. 2 accosts him,

Guy no.2 : "are mirchi kha, mirchi jabardast hai" (eat the raw chilli peppers, they are quite delicious).

So this guy didn't think much of the elaborately cooked food, but was all over the raw chillies.

I'm sure theres some kind of worldly wisdom and insight to be gained from this exchange, although I can't seem to pinpoint it.

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Charu said...

the insight behind this is with mirchi what you see is what you get - no jhooti dikhava :)