Monday, August 08, 2005

New peak discovered in oil, geologists ecstatic

Geologists and cartographers worldwide were ecstatic this weekend, when a new peak was discovered in the oil price graph. This is the highest peak to be discovered till now, and is $63.60 above $0 level.

"It has been a very good week", says Geologist Tom Coburn, "We have never had such a spate of new peaks being discovered in such a relatively short period of time. Till recently, the highest peak discovered was $61.26, then just last wednesday, we found a new one at $62.47, and now this. It is really a great and exciting time for the geological sciences."

Scott McClellan, the White House spokesperson and presidential ball-washer, when asked for comment, remarked, "The discovery of this new peak only serves to validate and showcase the success of the president's policy of exploratory incursions in the Middle East. God willing, in the days to come, we will be seeing discoveries of higher and more magnificent peaks which will make these recently discovered peaks insignificant by comparison."

Ever since details of the new discoveries were made public, people have been glued to their television screens and haven't ventured out of their houses in the excitement of the discovery. "I can't afford to drive anymore", said Michael Munoz, "Also, I want to keep up with these scientific breakthroughs that are occurring everyday. Can you lend me a fiver? I need to buy milk"

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