Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Yesterday on the Daily Show

The Daily Show by Jon Stewart on Comedy Central, had a segment on Jeanine Pirro yesterday. If I have said it once, I will say it again. If you live in the United States, watch this show people, it will get you laid, put money in your bank, beer in your fridge and make you wise.

Jeanine Pirro, the Republican who is running against Hillary Clinton for the New York senatorial seat, was giving a speech at a campaign rally or something. She started her speech, saying, "Hillary Clinton .....", and then fell silent, and started rummaging through her notes. After quite a bit of rummaging, she whispered to the guy standing near her, "Where's page 10 .. I don't have page 10 .. do you have page 10?" The entire fiasco played out for 32 seconds, and was a pleasure to watch. Nothing like seeing a Republican make a fool of herself on television.

Jon Stewart's take on this : "Jeanine Pirro started her speech, then observed silence for the next 32 seconds to commemorate her failed future senatorial campaign."


arZan said...

Along with a few regulars, TDS gets TIVOed religiously. I saw the segment you talk about.

Its amazing how Jon Stewart gives a more truthful analysis of news through jokes than say Fox News which professes about the truth but is so skewed.

Am curious, as to how TDS gets you laid !! Not that i need the aid of it to..

chappan said...

I have heard a lot abt the JS show, just never had the opportunity to watch it. The TV has been monopolised for reruns of 'The Lion King' and 'Nemo', by a 2-year old.

gawker said...

Hey Arzan thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I tape TDS sometimes when I'm feeling really spent out, but most days I like it fresh from the oven. Even if it means nodding off at work heh.

Sourin 11:30 at night. It comes on long after your kids fallen asleep.